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¡We make it easy!

New challenges and evolution, where great opportunities are developed to venture into new experiences, in a world that is advancing by leaps and bounds CAURATECH was born.

With the intention of massifying the incursion into the Crypto Ecosystem and generating tools, products, and services that facilitate and guide this adoption and transition process.



Why choose us

Since 2016, we provide you with tools, products, and solutions for incursions into the crypto ecosystem, offering personalized advice on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, decentralized finance, and NFTs.


Help the massification of the tools offered by the crypto world, delivering products that are easy to implement and use that allows the inclusion of everyone in this new economic environment.


To be a pioneer company in the emerging markets of the world in the facilitation of processes for the introduction of new people in the Crypto Economy and become trusted leaders in the market.

Products and Services

What We Offer



Cauratech’s team can help your organization create a realistic, feasible, and executable decentralization project, tailored to your needs.



Crypto portfolios’ opening and management, a guide for funds’ conversion, cold wallets, payment methods in cryptocurrencies, and new projects’ hunting.



At Cauratech we are part of your start with CRIPTOENTRY we make what is difficult into a simple bridge between physical and digital.



The first service in LATAM specialized in blockchain integration and development of NFTs for artists, actors, producers, singers, and in general for the entire world of entertainment.



We are here for you, to guide you and help you enter the crypto world, your security and goals are ours, let’s work together!

Professionalism and transparency

We are a multidisciplinary team focused on concentrating each of our knowledge on crypto projects, in this way we can adapt to the needs of our clients.


Always innovating

The crypto world is highly innovative, so as not to miss anything, our team is constantly training and improving their skills, as well as actively participating in the largest forums and conventions on the subject in the world.

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